Chakra Colours

Lamps Colours
Crown Chakra

The crown chakra allows you to reach a higher universal dimension and discover the infinite field of consciousness. A balanced crown chakra leads to enlightenment and a deep spiritual connection with yourself and others. At 700 – 789 THz purple is the colour with the shortest wavelength and the highest frequency.

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is connected to our imagination, and when balanced, leaves us feeling in a harmonious state. An inner calmness and clarity makes space for our intuition to thrive and keep us focussed on our daily activities. The colour blue ranges between 606 – 668 THz.

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra sheds a light to our authenticity and our ability to communicate with others. It stands for both giving and receiving, listening attentively to others and expressing ourselves openly. The colour indigo blue is visible at a frequency between 668 – 700 THz.

Heart Chakra

Embedded in the centre of all seven chakras, the heart chakra represents the element Air, love, compassion and the way we interact with others. By nature, the colour green lies within the frequency range of 526 – 606 THz.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Just like its colour, the solar plexus chakra symbolizes the sun, bright fire and high levels of energy. It promotes our mental activity, enhances our productivity and reminds us of our joyfulness. The colour yellow is connected to the element of Fire and ranges between 508 – 526 THz.

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is associated with our emotions and creativity. It enhances our happiness and deep satisfaction in life. This chakra stands in relation to the element of Water and its colour naturally transmits a frequency between 484 – 508 THz.

Root chakra

The root chakra stands for our connection to Earth and is responsible for our feelings of safety, stability and grounding energy.
In the chakra colour system red is the colour with the longest wavelength and lowest frequency at 400 – 484 THz.

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The chakras and their symbolism

Root chakra (Red) Reproductive glands
(testicles and ovaries)
Safety, stability, grounding energy, survival Procreation, stability Stress, fear, anxiety, disconnection, bone & joint pain
Sacral chakra (Orange) Adrenal glands Expression of emotions, relation to other people, emotional balance Metabolism, immune system, blood pressure, sexuality" Boredom, lack of inspiration, stiffness, impotence, uterine/bladder/kidney issues, lack of sexual desire
Solar plexus chakra (Yellow) Pancreas gland Productivity, mental activity, determination, vitality Digestion, balanced hormonal system, regulation of blood-sugar-levels Vulnerability, mental and physical weakness, digestive problems, frustration, anger, no sense of direction
Heart chakra (Green) Thymus gland / heart Love, compassion, empathy Immune system, heart, metabolism, lungs Disgust, withdrawal, judgement, heart issues, asthma, weak immune system
Throat chakra (Blue) Thyroid gland Authenticity, manifestation of own desires, communication Development and growth of body, hormonal production and balance, heart rate, growth of brain, cultivates the bones Neglect of self-care, thyroid problems, inability to communicate, blocked creativity
Third eye chakra (Purple) Pituitary gland Intuition, lucid dreaming, insight, Regulation of the hormone melatonin, regulation of biological cycles e.g. sleep, vision, Headaches, confusion, distraction, bad vision, problems in decision-making, stubbornness
Crown chakra (White) Pineal gland Wisdom, consciousness, transcendence, inner calm Production of hormones Apathy, disconnection from spirituality, psychological problems, lack of spiritual growth

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