Crystal Beds

By The HealingCastle

Stimulate and nourish your body’s self-healing mechanisms with a combination of chakra colour therapy and crystal healing therapy.

Our Crystal Bed and Crystal Wand combine the power of Chakra Color Therapy and Crystal Healing Therapy. This energy stream helps to align your body chakras and maintain them in their naturally-designated chakra frequency.


Chakra Colors

Each of the 7 crystals has its corresponding chakra.


Crystal Healing Therapy

Hand-selected clear quartz crystals

Close Up Lamps

Customer Reviews


"... Everything went very smoothly, we received the product with the minimum of fuss and everything was of a very high standard:
the bed works wonderfully and was well beyond our expectations ..."

Mr J Hampton, UK

Heal yourself
with the power of
Chakra Colour Therapy
and Crystal Healing Therapy


"... I use the crystal healing bed mobile, it has traveled far and currently in Manchester UK. It is changing people's lives in a profound way and still astounds me to what it can do. ..."

Irma Ziolkowska, UK
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